Let Them Be Little

It might sound cliché if I tell you that these times of lockdown are really trying and tough for all of us. But yes, they are.

Everybody out there is saying, “You’ve finally got a great opportunity to spend time with yourself, your family and do what you love!”

But, I beg to differ. 

As a result of this lockdown (which I’m totally in support of), life has only become busier. The cooking, the cleaning, the dishes, the laundry, the ironing, the grocery shopping – is completely insourced now and with more load and focus on the youngsters of the family as they supposedly are the power banks of energy and stamina.

With the adults of the family, rushing off their feet looking after the household, fulfilling professional responsibilities and making sure everything runs smoothly, there’s one key chunk of the family that we inadvertently disregard: our little children! 

Our children are barely aware of the current situation (or even if they fully are) have settled with the fact that staying home is ‘the’ thing now.

With awfully restricted access to their playmates, Mother nature, alluring avenues of physical activity and the luxury of hopscotching every evening- children are the silent sufferers in the state that prevails.

Today I write, only to remind myself and all of us reading this to ‘let them be little’ while this bumpy ride lasts.

Let them howl, shriek or yell at the top of their lungs.

Be thankful they are healthy enough to voice it out (I mean, literally!). 

Let them spill those colors and that water. 

Be grateful they are keeping themselves productively busy. See the art in it, not anything else.

Let them stay up late and rise even later.

Be glad they are catching up on all the sleep they otherwise can’t due to school and hobby classes. Let routines be at bay for a while. Embrace the dynamism!

Let them throw a tantrum to not finish that cup of milk and have chocolate instead.

Be thankful you have someone by your side who is bringing life into all the quiet around. Notice the beam of satisfaction on their face as they enjoy what they asked for!

Let them make messes. 

Be happy they are not pestering you to take them out in the open. Look at the messes as memories!

Let them make a fuss over what they wish to wear.

Be at ease; choosing still interests them and enthusiasm still rules their hearts.

Let them pester you while you cook.

Be delighted they are observing and subconsciously absorbing how you toil hard to efficiently run a household. Rope in your spouse for some help and fun while the children watch and learn.

Let them offer you a hand while you are doing the dishes or sweeping the floor. 

Be cheery they are learning a life skill which otherwise they might have not.

Whenever your children annoy you, remind yourself that whenever you need to breathe out your stress and insecurities, 

you have meditative practices to pause for perspective,

you have household chores that double up as exercise,

you have a pile of books to read and revel in,

you have video calls you can make to fill in the blanks,

you have social media to keep you connected, 

and the best of all, you have your spouse (of your age group) with you to sail through.

What have your children?


And then move from thinking to feeling heartfully. Only then you will know, all you need to do is:

“Let them be little.”

April 12th, 2020

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20 thoughts on “Let Them Be Little”

  1. Pranita, Very well written.
    All the Moms will review their lockdown period and time spent with kids, spouse and other family members. Certainly they will be benefited reading your article and their prospective will change which will lead them to live a quality time.
    All the Best to You.

      1. Pranita,
        Another very sweet and heartfelt articleThank you for We need these constant reminders!❤️
        I am allowing Shama to have her favorite snack Chocos and left the responsibility of her teeth to herself. She is becoming wise in planning, how much and how many times she can eat.
        I have stopped interfering too much with what they should be doing. The result is that both the girls are planning their day themselves a lil time for painting, a lil time for reading writing, then some cleaning up, play cards and then some movies on I pad. Given the freedom to decide, they are doing much better job …. and happily!

        I am amazed, how they have adapted well. I realised eventually it’s being with the family that matters to them most. If we have our inner harmony…they catch it very fast.

        1. So beautifully put Manisha sister. Giving children some freedom does empower them and they tend to behave more responsibly surprisingly! 🙂

  2. I admire pranita for her parenting skills She is one of my guiding when it comes to motherhood lessons keep rocking pranita.

    I resonate with what you have written in this particular article

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