“Obviously… ‘Mom’!”

Pure Love Story Contributed By Mrs.Sunita Kurup

[An ordinary woman living life in extraordinary ways being a wife, mom, and an interior designer, residing in the USA]

After my first marriage ended in divorce and even though it was an amicable one, we feared the effect it would have on our daughter who was only 4 years old at that time.  Our divorce was so amicable that when we went to the judge, we were holding hands and our lawyer had to ask us to move apart or else we would not be handed over the decree. 

We never bought our daughter’s custody into the court and we knew that we were just going to raise her together even though we were not married anymore. Today when I look at my 21-year-old daughter I feel nothing but gratitude at the amazing young woman she is growing to be.  

This is about when she was 9 years old and was participating in a Mother’s Day speech.  My ex-husband was married by then and I was away completing my MBA. Seeing my ex’s number on my phone I knew he was calling me from her school.  She had just finished her speech and he was calling me to let me know how it went. His voice was all choked up and I panicked. He then spoke up when he found his voice, which took a good minute (but to me, it felt like forever).  He said, ‘Do you want to know how our girl ended her mother’s day speech?’

I asked, “How?”

“God loves us so much and because he cannot be with each one of us in person, he gives all of us – ‘mothers’.  He loves me way too much and that is why he gave me two mothers!” 

Mrs. Sunita Kurup

I remember when my ex was getting married, my 4-year-old had asked me if her stepmom would be like Cinderella’s stepmom and my heart was aching because I did not know what I could tell her about a woman I had not even met.  But I told her that what she thought was not a possibility because her dad would have never chosen a woman who was evil to marry. From that talk to this mother’s day speech, the transformation of her thoughts about her stepmom was amazing.  When she had asked me how she should address her stepmom, I had without a flinch said,

‘Obviously, ‘Mom’!’

I taught my daughter to call another woman her mother, and her stepmom loved & cared for another woman’s child. Even though we have never met in all these years, I can tell you this triangle right here between me, my daughter and her stepmom is a testimony to pure love! 

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Nov 23rd, 2019

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