Six years ago, for the first time, I became a mother —to a baby boy. A boy: who holds a lot of value in Indian culture and whose birth tags a couple as complete for now they have produced an heir for their family.  From a cultural point of view, with a boy in my lap - Continue reading...

I Am Pranita Sohony And My Superpower Is Being A Mother.


I was born and brought up in a very simple and cultured family, in the small city of Jabalpur. My childhood was full of simple joys, love, care, and attention.

As a teenager, I chose the Heartfulness way of life and started meditating for spiritual progress at the age of 16. Even today, I continue to dive deeper into this infinite journey with my spiritual guide Rev.Daaji. 


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Advice for Mothers

"It's okay to not know everything. Your child needs a mother who is happy and not one who is stressed all the time."
Sonali P
Homemaker, Agra

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